Review: InstaPicCollage is a feature-rich collage creation tool

Create collages from your camera or photo library on the go and share with the world.

InstaPicCollage is one of the better designed collage making tools on the App Store that has Instagram compatibility. While not a perfect app, it is easy to navigate, loaded with features to customize your collage, and the resulting images look good and integrate directly with your social accounts in a streamlined process.

After installation, you can start creating your collage right away. The blank screen that loads can be filled with as many images as you want. Simply tap the camera button and you can take new images or load them from your library. Every element you add can be moved or brought forward or sent backward onscreen. By pinching you can zoom or rotate the images however you want, as well. While editing and deleting bits of the images is not an option, the resulting collages still look quite good because of the control you have over positioning. There are also numerous screens to choose from, ranging from a straight collage to framed borders with rounded or straight edges. The animations, speed of loading, and menu options all look good and are easy to navigate, as well, resulting in a very easy and fun-to-use app.

InstaPicCollage is free with ad support, but rarely do the ads get in the way of what is a very well-constructed, easy-to-use, and effective app. There are other apps with a bit more focus on the editing tools, but in terms of raw collage creation, InstaPicCollage is one of the best we've reviewed recently, in this class.

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