Review: InstaB Free for Baby is a social image sharing tool for baby pictures

Tag, label, and load information into your baby photos and videos.

InstaB Free for Baby is a fun tool for sharing baby pictures, videos, and other info. friends and family need to know about your little one. Where other apps force you to sign up for social networks, open your photo libraries for use by the system, or tag them in a uniform way, this app is designed with babies in mind, adding the age of the child to each image, along with a mood and other information that you can select.

When you load the app, you will first set the birthday of your child and their gender. From there, you can start taking photos or load existing photos from your library to be tagged and sent. Because the app labels all images with "days old," the app probably won't work past the first year or two (though a 1,300-day-old child would be a fun card to send). Nonetheless, the app is streamlined, quick, and loaded with ways to customize your images. With familiar Instagram-style filters, mood indicators to share how the baby is feeling in a particular image, and contact lists so you can send to multiple people at once (or share to your social networks), this is one of the best ways we've seen yet to send baby pictures.

InstaB Free for Baby is a fun, easy-to-use, and ultimately very accessible app that will work perfectly for those that want to share baby pictures without using other tools like Instagram, while customizing the images for their children.

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