Review: GifPlayer Free centralizes your GIF photos into dedicated albums

Centralize your animated GIFs for easier, more centralized access.

GifPlayer Free takes advantage of the explosion of interest in animated GIFs by enabling users to create a dedicated library of those files. It creates central albums on your device that can be augmented with others from your photo library or from the Internet where they can be downloaded directly. There are also a number of sharing features built in so you can get your GIFs out to other people quickly.

When you start GifPlayer for the first time, there are four sample files in the library. You can also load any that you happen to have in your photo library or you can browse the Web to see others that are available. While a lot of these features are also available in other apps, GifPlayer adds things like play and pause controls, zooming, full-screen playback, and opening GIFs from other applications with this app. In short, it's a dedicated GIF browser and it works very well as such a tool. While the interface is not clearly labeled at first and there were some hiccups in downloading files from a news site we tested with the internal browser, generally speaking, the app worked very well.

If you have a lot of GIFs or enjoy browsing them on your mobile device, GifPlayer Free is a great tool to manage the files you download, view, and share with your friends. It works very well for what it offers and is relatively fast to boot.

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