Review: FrameMyPics is easy to use, but offers few interesting features

Create multi-image collages with this easy-to-use, but low-feature, framing tool.

FrameMyPics does one thing quite well, but with so many other collage enabled apps that do more, it's hard to justify a dedicated tool for only creating framed pictures. That said, if you want a streamlined collage creator or want to frame a handful of pictures for free, FrameMyPics will get the job done and then allow you to share it with friends, quickly and easily.

When you first open FrameMyPics, you can choose one of a dozen or so frames for your pictures. On the editing screen just tap one of the frames to choose a photo for it. There are move buttons to frame the images, or you can zoom them out to fit the space. By default, it will try to fit the images to the space, but this can be changed if you want to crop. Additionally, after adding each image, you can adjust things like colors and saturation, though this is fairly limited and other editing features are almost non-existent. This truly is just a picture frame app and it does that one thing well.

FrameMyPics does little to stand out in an already crowded field of picture framing and collage apps. But it doesn't necessarily fail, either. It's fast, it's responsive, and sharing works well. If you want anything more than the framing tools it provides, you'll need other apps; but if you don't, this is worth a download.

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