Review: EasyMeasure instantly measures anything in your camera's sights

Measure anything you can see with this clever but often hard-to-use app.

EasyMeasure is a very unique and useful tool, but it does have some issues in the setup and execution stages that can frustrate users. The concept is rudimentary, but actually getting the system to provide accurate measurements requires a number of steps that the app doesn't always explain in full. The result is an app that seems, in turns, amazing and frustrating. Ultimately, it works well if you take the time to master it.

After installation and setup, your camera will open up and an onscreen guide will show you how far something is from you based on where you hold the camera. A grid will appear to frame everything, but a bar at the bottom is the measurement stick. Place it at the base of an object and it will tell you how far (within one inch). However, you need to do some adjustments first. To start, set the height of the device. This is not your height, but the height at which you are holding the device. Then stand back a bit and hold the device steady to find the baseline. When we did this and avoided moving objects, it was surprisingly accurate and worked quite well for even small items.

EasyMeasure can be useful in certain situations, but probably won't replace a trusty tape measure just yet for the casual user, simply because of how many variables are involved and how many steps it takes to get an accurate measurement. All that said, it is still very accurate when used properly, so if you need this type of information frequently, then it's worth the download.

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