Review: Draw Something 2 offers more of the fun drawing tools of the first

Draw, share, and interact with friends in this social drawing game.

Draw Something 2 is the first iteration of the popular social app produced by Zynga and it improves in many ways on the Draw Something original, including providing even deeper social integration. With the trademark Zynga interface and numerous social tools to drive your play of the game, Draw Something 2 brings with it hundreds of new words, a gallery to view past drawings, and much more -- ultimately making it a better game.

The first step after installing Draw Something 2 is to set up your account. You'll need to log in with your Zynga or Facebook ID and find your friends. This is all very quick, and once you get started, you can either invite new friends or you can play the sample game provided. The basic idea is the same as the first game. Use the letter tiles onscreen to drag and drop, and then guess what your opponent drew. Each word has a different coin value based on difficulty. Where the game differs is that there are now many more drawing options -- ways to add more color, texture, and effects to the screen. The first example alone is pretty impressive considering how basic the object is.

If you enjoyed the first game, you'll love Draw Something 2. It plays the same but offers so many new features and options that you can take the game to an entirely new level, whether you enjoy the competition or just like drawing incredible things (that you can now share with the world).

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