Review: Countdown to an Event works, but not without setup frustrations

Create and track events on your iOS device with this frustrating-to-use app.

Countdown to an Event is designed to show you how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left until an event of your choosing; but setting, managing, and viewing those events can be a headache. From navigating the sluggish, poorly labeled interface to finding the features you need to actually set up new events, the app makes even the easiest of tasks harder than they need to be.

After installing Countdown to an Event you can see where the countdown should be but no clear method for adding new events to the listing and getting the app started. There are buttons onscreen, but few of them actually tell you what they do, and even more of them are hard to navigate for no particular reason. Even when you find the right menu, the contents load slowly and sometimes button presses will delay just long enough to press another button by accident. The actual countdowns work quite well -- showcasing numerous breakdowns of events you enter or load from your calendar, but because there are so many obstacles in the way, it's unlikely most people will get that far to see how the app works.

With an obstructive interface, numerous performance issues, and a convoluted setup process, Countdown to an Event shoots itself in the foot one too many times to be a very useful app to track events in your life. Most will opt for a tool that takes less time to set up than waiting for the actual event to arrive.

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