Review: Camera360 is a robust, feature-rich camera app for the iPhone

Customize your photo-taking experience in numerous ways with this intuitive camera app.

Camera 360 is a very finely-made app with a number of powerful camera features that go light years beyond what the built-in camera tools offer on the iPhone. From better flash and movement controls to a slew of timers and filters, Camera360 is a tool that any iOS photo bug would be happy to put on their device.

The first thing you'll notice about Camera360 is the slick, stripped-down design. The focus here is on your photos and that shows in the way the buttons and menus are recessed into the top and bottom of the screen. At the same time everything is clearly labeled and easy to tap. At the top you can quickly change the flash, add a timer, switch the camera being used, or turn on an anti-shake tool. There are numerous settings to change how the systems work, and when taking a photo, a number of filters pop up for immediate editing of your images. Camera360 also offers a built-in cloud tool, collage creation, and can import photos from other libraries on your device in just a few taps.

The entire Camera360 experience is a joy from start to finish. Where you'd get lost or wait for loading times in other camera apps, Camera360 zips along, showing you exactly what to do and producing high-quality images along the way. If you need a camera app that does more than your iPhone and that is easier and more fun to use than other apps on the App Store, consider Camera360.

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