Review: Bubble Pops! is a slower, less interesting version of a familiar game

Match and remove like-colored bubbles in this very familiar and feature-barren iOS game.

Bubble Pops! takes a familiar formula and repackages it in a three-colored experience that offers little or nothing new over other matching games in this genre. The result is a game you'll feel like you've played a hundred times before.

The concept is very familiar. Onscreen you'll find dozens of bubbles of three different colors. Tap a group of like-colored bubbles to pop and remove them from the screen. The rest then drop down to fill that space. However, where other games have restrictions on the minimum number of bubbles you can pop, or offer power-ups and bonuses for large combos, Bubble Pops! does little more than clear the screen. You can pop as few as two and as many as you want, so getting large combos is as easy as clearing all of one or two colors and then wiping out the rest of a single color in one go. The most difficult aspect of the game is its design -- the bubbles are small and hard to tap with accuracy. Combined with a very slight lag, the controls weren't as responsive as we wanted.

Bubble Pops!, like most matching games, is entertaining for a few minutes, but it offers nothing new and plenty of hurdles that keep it from becoming addictive. This is a game in need of its own identity. Until such a time that it has one, consider others in the genre with more to offer.

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