Review: AHomeIcon creates custom icons for your phone's home screen

Create custom icons for your most-used phone tools with this clever iOS app.

AHomeIcon allows you to customize the icons on your phone's home screen, using a series of clever tricks to redirect button presses through your browser. The result is a level of customization that few users have, but with a number of setup steps to sort through and a handful of confusing issues that can slow the process down, slightly.

The home screen for AHomeIcon is filled with common tools on your phone, a new icon creator and a create button. The app does not guide you in any of this, so you'll need to navigate through the setting of a new app icon, the text for that icon, and the actual system you'll be replacing it with. Even after all this, there are a few more steps involving your Safari browser as the app creates a redirect and shows you how to add the icon to your home screen. It's a seemingly complex process but once you get it down, you can create new app icons quickly. The setup process is long and the interface is complex, but the results are a lot of fun and the stock icons you can use to replace your old ones look good.

AHomeIcon is a big solution to a small problem, but it works as advertised, and while there are many steps involved here, once you get the hang of them, you'll be swapping out old icons for new ones, rapidly, without any issues. This is a fun app for anyone that wants a little more customization on their iPhone home screen.

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