Review: Reflect Free CRM Customer Database for Mac helps manage customers

Save and view account and customer information with Reflect Free CRM Customer Database for Mac.

Reflect Free CRM Customer Database for Mac offers comprehensive features and a basic interface to help those who need to track customer sales accounts and do not have the knowledge or time to create a database.

During installation, Reflect Free CRM Customer Database for Mac prompts the user to install a separate toolbar, but this can be dismissed easily, provided the user reads the window. Once this is done, the program brings up a window for the user to enter their business name and its contact information. The main window contains a row of action buttons along the top that are easy to identify. The middle window, which is the largest, contains a list of entered customers. A bottom area allows entry of a number of pieces of information, including the salesperson on the account and their information. Others allow entry for events and to-dos for a particular client. The search tool works well, which is a plus for those with lots of data. Everything was clearly labeled and the program proved easy to navigate and use.

Reflect Free CRM Customer Database for Mac covers all the basics of customer tracking in a user-friendly package. The free program would be especially useful for businesses that want to improve their customer relationship management but don't have the budget for big-name CRM programs.

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