Review: Magican AntiTrojan for Mac scans for the four main Trojans

Find and remove malware with a fast and easy-to-use antivirus Magican AntiTrojan for Mac.

With just a click, Magican AntiTrojan for Mac performs fast Mac OS X system scans for known malware such as the notorious Flashback Trojan, as well as for MacKontrol, Sabpab, and Olyx. This free and rather basic software seems to perform its job of finding and removing all traces of the infection caused by these four known Trojans well.

After asking for the root password for scanning, Magican AntiTrojan for Mac starts with an easy to understand main menu. The graphics are rendered well for the labels, including those for the program name and title. An oval-shaped blue button initiates the scan, which looks for the four main Trojans for Mac. Our scan took only a few seconds, and the program immediately let us know that our system was issue-free. On the downside, the additional tools link didn't work for us, and there was a spelling error on the main page, which shows a lack of attention to detail.

Mac users whose systems are infected by one of the above mentioned mainstream treats will definitely appreciate the quick and easy-to-use Magican AntiTrojan for Mac, even with its minor flaws. Users looking for additional features to help prevent attacks in the first place, should look elsewhere, though.

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