Review: Quickly zoom in on screen areas with Computer Glasses for Mac

Customize the amount of magnification needed for text or images with this free desktop magnifier.

Computer Glasses for Mac increases the size of fonts and images on your screen, making them easier to read, while only leaving a negligible footprint on your Mac's resources. It downloaded quickly as a ZIP file and was operational in seconds.

After extracting the files, double-clicking the program starts it without requiring any separate installation process. The program has no menu of its own, but installs a large circle on the computer screen. Users can click and drag the circle around the screen and place it using crosshairs that appear. Everything inside the circle is enlarged for better viewing. The program does have a small options window where the area can be turned into a rectangle along with a couple of other customization options. The amount of zoom and the overall size of the window can also be modified. A button makes the circle disappear or return, which is useful for those who need to only use the application at certain times. While Computer Glasses for Mac did start with the circle, during testing we found that the rectangle was better for reading blocks of text, but we liked that you have options based on your personal preferences, especially with such an overall easy tool.

For those who need to enlarge areas of their screen for easy viewing, Computer Glasses for Mac works well and is easy to use.

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