Review: Edit and swap faces between photos in your library with iSwap Faces Lite

Easily switch faces between any two people in a single photograph.

iSwap Faces Lite makes it easy to swap faces between any two people onscreen in an existing or new image on your iOS device. The process of selecting images, choosing faces, and swapping them is relatively easy, but the app is relatively feature-light, especially in its free iteration. With only a couple of editing options, no way to save or share without upgrading the app, and limited tools for moving the face-swapping masks, the app is fun to use but unlikely to become a permanent part of your editing tool suite.

After first loading the app, you can choose a photo from your library or take a new one with the camera app. After doing this, simply move the face markers over the heads of any two figures, adjust to match the size, and press the "Swap" button. This is all very straightforward, but will only work properly if the faces are facing the camera and are comparable sizes. The app uses the size of the shape in the face masker, but does not recognize facial features, so the swap is a straight cut and paste.

The biggest issue with the LITE version of iSwap Faces, however, is the feature block ahead of upgrading the app to the paid version. If you don't pay for the full set of features, you'll only be able to move photos; they will be watermarked and there is no way to share them with friends off the device. This limits the usefulness of the app in almost every possible way, no matter how entertaining the initial swapping function may be.

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