Review: InstaMeme! streamlines meme creation

Create memes quickly using the suite of tools in this intuitive photo editing app.

InstaMeme! provides a useful suite of tools to create and customize your own memes for use on social networking profiles, going beyond what many comparable tools offer in the niche. The app is relatively easy to use, offers a unique feature set including some of the most popular meme animations and graphics on the Web today, and a perfect text adding tool for tagging your images.

Because InstaMeme! is a toolset and not a generator, you have full control over your memes. You can choose how they will look, what images are included, and what text is displayed on the image. When you start using the app, choose an image from your library or take a new one, and then load it into the app. You can then add effects, "rage faces," or one of many other meme-style images to the screen. The "meme-text" feature will automatically format the text in the bolded White Impact font often used in meme images. Customize the image to your heart's content and then share it with ease to Facebook, Twitter, or any of a number of other sites.

Just about everything in InstaMeme! works as intended; and while it is free, there are few limitations on the trial version. You can upgrade to have more meme faces and images, but the core functions are all there and ads are limited and out of the way. If you create memes, want to create memes, or would like to experiment with a tool that allows both, download InstaMeme!

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