Review: iAuditor creates easy-to-use iOS audits and surveys for use in the field

Download and utilize a digital audit through this iOS app.

iAuditor provides a plethora of tools in a streamlined, mobile-friendly interface to manage audits in a number of different fields. Using predesigned templates and offering a library of new templates you can download and implement on the fly, iAuditor is a powerful tool for almost every type of business that performs regular audits, whether in-house or on the go.

Audits are a part of doing business in dozens of industries, many of which require being in the field, constantly taking notes and answering questions. Instead of carrying a bulky clipboard, iAuditor has presented a very viable mobile solution. With prepopulated audits for hotel inspectors, construction hazard inspectors, and general workplace inspectors, and many more available to download, the tool is a very useful collection of options for anyone interested in streamlining the process or managing your auditors to ensure they follow a clearly defined workflow process. It's also very fast, the tutorial is thorough in showing you how the tools work, and there is a library of additional templates to draw from if you want to expand the functionality of the app into other industries.

While there are some small issues with iAuditor, including the seeming inability to edit or create your own audits, the app is very well made. From timers for each audit to section control, custom input screens, and more, we see this app providing a much-needed automation tool for your auditing team (or for yourself if you perform the audits and inspections, yourself).

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