Review: Highway Rider illustrates the highs and lows of motorcycle racing

Pass cars as fast as you can in this variant on the endless runner genre.

Highway Rider offers a unique twist on the endless runner genre, combining classic road-racing motorcycle action with constant movement on a busy highway track. The goal of the game is basic enough, but actually mastering it will take time, skill, and fast reflexes--the perfect blend to create an engaging and entertaining iPhone game.

When you start, the game's developers give you a clear warning that this is a game and nothing you're about to do should be tried in real life. They drive that home with explosive, violent animations when your character crashes -- to the point of absurdity. It's effective though; the last thing you want to do in this game is crash. It's not a fun experience. That's the trick, though -- avoiding those crashes. To do so, you'll need to maneuver your motorcycle through traffic, buzzing the trucks and cars as closely as possible to build your combo score while using your speed boosts to run faster times. The game handles acceleration on its own, so your only focus will be on tilting the device and using your turbo boosts -- both of which are hard enough on their own at higher levels.

Highway Rider is a fun, fast-paced game with a number of options, both to win and to lose. The game offers only a standalone single player experience but combined with leader boards and unlockables, you'll have plenty of reason to keep playing long into the future as you max out your scores and times on the highway.

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