Review: GifBoom automates the creation and surfing of animated GIFs

Create GIFs or search through the GIFs of fellow users.

GifBoom capitalizes on the current popularity of animated GIFs by providing a single interface for creating, sharing, and commenting on GIFs with your friends. The app is limited if you don't create an account, but with a full account you can join a community of other creators to create, share, and collect the best animated images on the Web.

When you first start GifBoom you must create an account (with Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail) if you want to share your own animations. If you choose not to create an account, you can view the work of other users, searching by popularity, views, or tags, but you cannot participate in the community. This is a great way to decide if you are interested in getting involved, however, and a perfect way to move into the GIF creation community. After creating your account, you can start making your own, sharing them, and commenting on the posts of other users. The interface is very similar to that of services like Instagram, featuring likes, comments, and shares between users, friend lists, and more.

If you are obsessed with animated GIFs, want an animated-only alternative to Instagram, or are interested in creating your own and sharing them with other users, GifBoom is one of the most popular GIF communities currently on the Internet and is well worth a download and exploration. It's fast and easy to use, it offers a number of features, and the social integration makes it a perfect companion to your other photo and video apps.

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