Review: Galaxy Life is a combination of village builder and tower defense

Build your space colony and protect yourself from fellow aliens.

Galaxy Life Pocket Adventures is a unique combination of tower defense, village building, and resource management, resulting in an addictive, feature-rich game with only a handful of issues. While the game is a mishmash of different game functions and features, it manages to blend them seamlessly into a single interface that works well in most circumstances.

Unlike other games in the genre, the Galaxy Life startup is a bit light on exposition and training. You'll be shown where everything is, given instructions for purchasing new defenses and units, and shown how to protect your colony, but it takes time to get the hang of the many other menus you're not introduced to, and there are quite a few. The interface is probably the biggest concern in an app like this, and with so many buttons onscreen, resources scattered everywhere, and prominence given to the in-app purchase options (which are purely optional), it's hard to get your bearings at first. But the gameplay makes up for this and after a few minutes of trial and error in navigation, you'll find everything you need and get pulled into a very engaging settlement building experience.

Galaxy Life Pocket Adventures is a big game, with a lot to do, a near endless progression as you grow your colony and protect it from invaders, and a generally very engaging gameplay methodology. While the interface issues can be frustrating at first and the features can feel thin as you progress to much higher levels (without paying any cash), the game is well made and designed for long hours of fun.

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