Review: G Shooter is a familiar game but without irresistible features or options

Run and shoot your enemies using the onscreen movement pads.

G Shooter uses a familiar mechanic but fails to innovate or add to it in any meaningful way, resulting in a lackluster game with little reason to play beyond the first couple of rounds. The concept of G Shooter is very straightforward. Move your character with a digital joystick on the left and aim the gun with the stick on the right. Enemies will move toward you at all times and your gun fires automatically. So ultimately all you need to do is move.

This is fine and works well in other games in the same genre, but those games have something more. From enemy AI that varies to make the game more difficult to animations that illustrate when you are getting hit and terrain to differentiate where you are standing, G Shooter lacks all of the basic components of an engaging game world that makes games like Geometry Wars and its kin more fun to play. The basic functions work well enough -- your shots are accurate and it's possible to stay alive with quick movements and fast reflexes -- but there just isn't a lot more there to work with.

G Shooter is entertaining for a short period of time, but it lacks the kind of depth and feature-set that will keep you glued to your iPhone's screen for any longer than that initial couple of plays. The game is free and ads are unobtrusive, but the game is in need of some future upgrades and feature additions to stand on its own as a unique entry in this genre.

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