Review: FX Photo Studio is loaded with features in an easy-to-use interface

Take, edit, customize, and share photos, with ease, in this multifunctional tool.

FX Photo Studio is a stripped-down but very easy-to-use photo editing tool with a number of fun features and a level of polish you don't often see in free iOS editors. While the core functionality is to add special effects to your photos, there are quite a few things you can do, including adding text, highlighting colors, adjusting coloring and saturation, and cropping or rotating the image within a frame. The app also works to make images Instagram-ready with square-preset formatting while taking new photos.

Nothing FX Photo Studio does is particularly new. Cropping images, rotating those images, swapping out color profiles, and adding text is all common enough in photo editors. However, when combined with the sleek design of the app, easy-to-use functions, and some very cool flares like the onscreen photo lens (that acts as a mirror) on the home screen, this app stands out from the pack. Everything is just so straightforward and the resulting effects look professional and high quality -- things you'd be happy to share on your social media accounts.

While not the most feature-rich app on the App Store, FX Photo Studio is an easy-to-use, attractive, and ultimately very sleek photo editing tool that we had quite a bit of fun using. If you are looking for an app that offers basic functionality in an easy-to-use package, check out FX Photo Studio.

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