Review: Free Virtual Makeover adds makeup effects to library, Facebook photos

Apply makeup to digital photos of yourself or others in this unique app.

Free Virtual Makeover provides a number of options to add and adjust makeup on a headshot of yourself, a friend, or a model of your choosing. It's a fun way to test out different shades, see how they would affect the overall complexion of an image, or to simply play around with photos on your device. While not a fully accurate representation of what makeup would look like, it is very close.

After starting the app, you can choose an image from your Facebook Library, your Photo Library, or your camera. You can also download images of models to use for practice. After choosing an image, you are asked to verify the definitions of the face (nose, mouth, and eyes), and then start adding makeup. The app automatically generates color suggestions based on the skin tone of the subject, and you can tap them in succession to test and see which of the different foundations and blushes look best. This all works decently well, though often things like lipstick and mascara are mapped to the image in strange proportions, often when using an image that doesn't fit the standard size and formatting the app applies.

For a free app, Free Virtual Makeover is impressive. Its color matching was accurate in most cases, the number of options for makeup is nice, and the ability to upgrade and add new color sets from top brands is a nice touch. If you are looking for a free, easy-to-use makeup editor for your iOS device, check this one out.

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