Review: Foto Frame DLX creates multiframe photos but is flawed on two counts

Add multiple images to frames, and then share them with friends while on the go.

Foto Frame DLX provides a very familiar photo editing function, and with a number of frame options, numerous editing tools, and more, it works decently well, though there are some issues related to performance and design. The most glaring of these issues is the integration of ads. The app is free, but every time you press a button or change menus, an ad will pop up, sometimes on a delay that leads to accidental ad presses. While not a deal breaker, it comes close when trying to finish and share an image.

The actual functionality of the app is good, albeit with limited features. Choose a frame size and type, and then select a style for that frame. You can then tap on any of the frame slots and load an image into the frame from your photo library or your camera. Images can be moved to fit the space and then you can save and share the resulting image through any of your favorite social media profiles. While there are very few editing features and the frames are limited without paying for an upgrade, the actual process of choosing and setting images works well.

But it's hard to look past the restrictions placed on the trial version of this app. Ads will appear every time you press a button -- any button. The result is a lot of accidental App Store openings. Additionally, many of the frames are locked at first and require an in-app purchase to unlock. Combined with sometimes sluggish response, the app will toss pop-ups and ads at you constantly as you struggle to finish an image, making it almost entirely too frustrating to continue. For what it offers, we suggest you look at the numerous other options on the market that are less intrusive.

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