Review: Face Changer instantly changes your pictures into memes

Overlay a hand-drawn face to your photos on the fly to create memes for your online accounts.

Face Changer combines popular meme-drawn faces with your camera to automate the process of changing almost any face into a series of different over-the-top emotions. The results are occasionally funny, but because of some performance and resolution issues, it never quite works 100 percent as intended.

Face Changer offers only one tool -- the ability to add a face to your front or rear-facing camera when taking photos. It does this relatively well, however. Just select one of 20 or so faces (very familiar if you spend any time on Twitter or Facebook) and the app will automatically detect and replace a face onscreen with the image you selected. It works best in front-facing mode, but still works in other formats, as well. Because it works on the fly, your subject can be moving (to some degree) and it will still match the faces together while moving. The effect of this is that you can almost always catch them, whatever they are doing with the face in place. The problem, however, is that once taken, these images are saved to your camera roll and cannot be edited, at least not in this app. Combined with a series of buggy follow-up screens, the functionality starts and ends with the photos you take.

Face Changer is free, and as a result, you'll be faced with screen after screen of ads, sometimes freezing the app with no option to close the interfering ad. Most of the time, you can wait it out, but it's faster to just close the app and restart it in these instances. Such freezes only occurred for us after taking photos and when trying to switch to the camera roll; they were nonetheless frustrating. All around, this is a fun app but needs some work to handle the issues that crop up during use.

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