Review: Convert Everything Free is a quick and effective conversion tool

Convert area, translate between languages, and convert currency on your iPhone.

Convert Anything Free is a fast, no-cost suite of tools that, overall, works effectively to convert a number of things on the fly. While some of these conversion tools work better than others, the organization and ease of use, with tools sorted thematically, make it easy to find what you need. While on vacation in another country, Convert Anything could prove an invaluable tool.

Convert Anything has a card-based interface. Slide to the right and you'll find different conversion tools. Each conversion tool has a list of different options for conversion into and out of. The first includes general conversions including area, weights, temperature, distance, and more. The second is language, with more than two dozen options and a useful "detect language" tool if you're reading a sign that you don't know the language of. Finally there is the currency converter, which updates on a daily basis to provide accurate representations of local currencies, wherever you are traveling. Although it can be handy at home, all of these options make it a very useful travel tool.

If you are visiting another country soon or need a converter tool that is free and effective, consider Convert Anything Free. This is a very effective, exceptionally well designed app that will work as intended for most of the conversions you need to make.

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