Review: ClearFM scans for available FM transmitter stations in your area

Find and transmit on local frequencies using this effective but flawed iOS app.

ClearFM works very well in scanning, listing, and detailing available stations for transmitting over FM frequencies, but it has a number of flaws. From a frustrating interface design to the non-mobile friendly way in which information is displayed, there are many hurdles to overcome in using this app effectively. If you do, however, you'll likely find it worth your while.

First, know that this is not a music playing app. It looks like one and the description even makes it sound like one, but ClearFM is not designed to play music or any other kind of radio station. Rather, it is designed to scan the airwaves in your area, and list the available FM frequencies for your transmitter and which has the strongest signal. It does this very well. The major issue we had with the app is not its functionality, but the installation process and interface, both of which are rudimentary at best. Scanning is not an issue, but the results appear in a full-size Web page within a frame -- hard to read and harder to navigate. Multiple pop-up buttons will interrupt the use of the app and saving stations does not always work properly.

If you are trying to find a local station and are tired of transmitter apps that provide little or no such information, then ClearFM is worth checking out. It's not necessarily easy to use, but it works well as a must-have source of information for anyone with a transmitter.

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