Review: Bubble Witch Saga is a new twist on a classic gaming formula

Shoot and match like colored ingredients to create your potions.

Bubble Witch Saga is a very close relative to Bust-a-Move, the classic bubble-blasting arcade game, but with a handful of new and very fun features that help to set it apart. It's hard not to notice the similarities at first, but as you dig deeper into the game, you'll find a plethora of game modes, tweaks to make it more compelling, and level-by-level rewards for completing at times complex combinations.

The idea of Bubble Witch Saga is very simple. Different colored balls will be loaded into a shooter that you must match to the balls on the ceiling. Match them and they fall. One added feature we really liked is the ability to not only collect ingredients as they fell, but to try and match them to the cauldrons that are boiling below. This creates an element of strategy that isn't in other games like this; and combined with a keen sense of replayability and competition, the game becomes immensely addictive very quickly.

If you are looking for a new addiction to replace or supplement your Candy Crush Saga fix, Bubble Witch Saga very well may be the game for you. Quick to pick up and play, immensely engaging to the point that you won't want to put it down, and crafted in a way that makes it unique enough to stand on its own merits, this is a game that any iOS game lover will want to give a shot at least once.

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