Review: Books App 2 is a dedicated library for your books

Create libraries, collections, and more on your iOS device for all of your books.

If you have a large library of books, Books App 2 is designed for you. Combining some of the usefulness of tools like LibraryThing with a mobile app that is relatively intuitive and offers a number of cataloging features, Books App 2 allows you to index and maintain a list of your books on the fly with relative ease.

Before downloading this app, know that Books App 2 is not an eBook Reader or a store browser. It is designed to help you sort through your books, find new books online, or create collections you can share with friends from your device. While the setup is not explicit about how you can do this, a few minutes of sorting through features will uncover things like book lists, series listings, categories, collections, author listings, publishers, and subject tags. You can then add friends and share with them. You can add books by scanning barcodes, searching for them in Google Books, or entering them manually, and can then mark them as loaned, very useful if you have a large library you share with friends or students. The app works well enough, though there were some issues with some books not being found, and editing can be hard at times.

Despite the issues we had with BooksApp2, this is a well thought-out app that serves an important role for anyone with a large library of books. Whether organizing them, sorting them for future reference, or sharing them with friends and family, BooksApp2 makes all of this a lot easier.

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