Review: Album Share lets users share photos through custom albums

Select, share, and update images on your iOS device with anyone on your contact list.

Album Share creates custom albums from any of your available photos that can then be shared with anyone on your contact list with a few quick taps. It's easy to use and built to make updating your share list as straightforward and quick as possible. If you are interested in ensuring your friends have access to every image you take of a certain thing, or if you want to share with family across the country, this is a great app with which to do so.

While the iPhone has a custom photo stream option, like most iOS features it is limited to other iOS users. Since there are so many people without iPhones, this makes sharing your images with everyone a lot harder than it really needs to be. Album Share simplifies the process by creating an album and sending a text message to everyone on your contact list whenever that album is updated. It quite literally only takes a couple of seconds and you can update hundreds of people who can then view your images on their phone, whatever type of phone they are using. It is fast to set up, the interface walks you through everything, and it's easy to add or delete images later without having to sort through them all over again.

Album Share is one of those tools everyone should have on their phone. It takes a built-in feature and makes it more accessible for the vast majority of users. This is a must download for anyone with lots of images they want to share with people on the fly.

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