Review: Tiny Toon Adventures plays just like the NES classic

Save Babs from her kidnapper in this NES Classic now made available on Android.

Tiny Toon Adventures is a great port of the original Nintendo game, but it also comes with some browser-hijacking ads. The game, itself, is smooth and easy to control and the graphics will look perfect on any Android gadget. It's even more fun if you have a dedicated game pad or controller.

In order to get to the actual game, the app tries to make you agree to Airpush. That will take over your browser and other parts of your phone with nasty ads. If you make it through that, the app looks and feels just like the Nintendo game you remember. You take control of Buster Bunny and a few of his friends with special powers as you try to save Babs Bunny. This manifests as a dead ringer for Super Mario Brothers, complete with side-scrolling, jumping, and even some level teleporting. Tiny Toon Adventures perfectly mocks the Nintendo controller layout, but all of the buttons are on the screen. They might get in your way if you use a smaller phone to play. They're very responsive, though, so you don't have to worry about a delay when you press them. The game lets you save your progress, but doesn't offer many other advanced options.

Even though ads keep it just shy from being universally likeable, Tiny Toon Adventures includes all the charm and fun you'd expect from the name. If you liked the cartoon or the original game, this is an easy download to love.

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