Review: Apply a whole new look to your device with Rix GO Locker Theme

Change the feel of your home screen with Rix GO Locker Theme.

Rix GO Locker Theme includes a clean and colorful theme for your Android device with a few drawbacks. While designed to look very similar to the Windows Phone home screen, the similarities end there and its customizability is quite limited. While this application does change the look of your home screen, it also removes some of its functions.

Users will probably be surprised that once they download this supposedly free application, there's a request for a payment of $3 in order to use it. This type of marketing seems a bit sneaky, because you'll have to jump through a few hoops in order to skip the fee. You can purchase with Getjar Gold and download other applications. As you install those applications you will earn points toward a free version of Rix GO Locker Theme. This whole process seems to be an effort to promote other applications or make money in an underhanded way. If the user is willing to ante up or install other apps, they will be welcomed by a clean but very colorful theme, which features colorful rectangles that can be moved and organized to fit the user's preferences. The gaudy color schemes cannot be changed, though, so you are stuck with the pastel and neon colors that have been chosen for you. The customizability is very limited, too, and certain functions do not allow you to pick a specific application of your choosing. The weather, time, and music player are preset and cannot be changed to alternate applications.

Rix GO Locker Theme takes away a lot of the great features that your device already includes on its home screen and replaces it with an overly colorful grid and preset apps. Questionable pricing and marketing tactics aside, there's not much this app can offer.

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