Review: PasswordBox Free Password Safe keeps all your passwords contained

Access all of your secure Web sites without remembering the passwords with PasswordBox Free Password Safe.

PasswordBox Free Password Safe cleverly locks all of your passwords away and allows you to access them from virtually any device. The only downside is that all the Web sites must be viewed in a built-in browser that comes with this app, which is poorly developed and quite rudimentary.

After downloading this application, a tutorial talked us through the installation process and we were able to get started right away. The setup for this app begins with registering for a free account. During testing our Google e-mail address automatically appeared and we were asked to choose a password. This password is a master password that will be used to make changes to your account. Once we picked the master password, the application displayed logos of a bunch of popular Web sites. If you tap on one you must enter a username and password for that site. To access the site later, you simply tap the icon again and PasswordBox Free Password Safe will automatically log you into the site. The app features a very easy-to-use interface. It consists of clearly labeled icons with pop-up notification windows to help you along. The design is easy on the eyes and quite modern, although the built-in browser may not offer all the features users have come to expect.

The ease of use makes PasswordBox Free Password Safe a great pick for beginners or users who don't want to hassle with a lot of passwords. Users will find its design easy to use and a fun way of accessing their favorite sites. Unfortunately there is no option to choose a different Web browser but this is a small price to pay for security.

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