Review: Mobile 2Go Widget for Facebook keeps track of your social life

Control your entire Facebook profile with Mobile 2Go Widget for Facebook.

Mobile 2Go Widget for Facebook successfully controls virtually every aspect of your Facebook profile. It combines all the aspects of Facebook that everyone loves with a clean and easy-to-use widget for your home screen.

Setting up this widget will probably go very easy for most users. If you already have a Facebook profile and the Facebook application, the widget will automatically sign in to your account and you can begin enjoying its benefits. If you don't have a profile yet, you will need to log on to Facebook and create one first. You should also have the Facebook application installed on your device to fully enjoy the benefits of Mobile 2Go Widget for Facebook. There are some instances when the widget will open the application for a better viewing experience. The layout of this widget is clean and modern. It consists of a white rectangle with blue icons around the edges. The middle of the rectangle displays your content. The default information displayed is your news feed. When the user taps the different icons around the edge, different information is displayed. Some of the icons trigger actions such as posting a picture and posting a status, so you can just as easily interact with Facebook as view what's going on.

Mobile 2Go Widget for Facebook improves the Facebook experience by putting everything in one place and right at your fingertips. It does not replace the Facebook application but it definitely adds to its usability. All avid Facebook users will definitely enjoy using this widget.

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