Review: Iron Man 3 - The Official Game packs a punch

Fly through the city and engage the enemy in high adrenalin combat with Iron Man 3 - The Official Game.

Iron Man 3 - The Official Game offers an electrifying ride that takes players through a completely new chapter in the "Iron Man" saga. The game features mind-blowing graphics and great sound effects. Players will enjoy the customizable suits and upgradable weapons as well as the challenging levels and adversaries.

At almost 1GB, Iron Man 3 - The Official Game seems huge. Even on a Wi-Fi network, users should expect a download time in excess of ten minutes. The wait is well worth it, though. The first sequence of this game is a basic level that walks the player through all of the controls. The tutorial level is particularly useful to get acquainted to the optional gyro controls. The game allows players to control Iron Man, a super hero that wears a high tech armor as he battles dangerous foes and flies through the air at high speeds. Players are able to steer their character through levels by tilting their device from side to side. Throughout the game, they can use their experience points to upgrade their current suite or build new suits. There are a limited number of suits that players can save so they must dismantle the ones they no longer use to make space for new ones. Multiplayer action is also available to those who would like to play with friends online.

Iron Man 3 - The Official Game comes with an intelligent storyline, high speed action, and unbelievable graphics. This game is a roller coaster ride that no one should miss. The only downside to this game is its size and resource consumption, but the overall gameplay and excellent graphics make up for it.

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