Review: Create a secure password to share on Password Pair for Mac

Match complex passwords with other users using Password Pair for Mac.

Password Pair for Mac's joint generation features make it useful for any Mac users collaborating in secure environments. While basic, its interface is easy to use and users will be creating passwords quickly.

After installing easily, Password Pair for Mac starts up into a small window. While there are no advanced design features, the functions and operations are clear and easy to see. There are three options, cancelling the program, initiating a password generation, or receiving a partial one that was previously created. After clicking the initiate option, the program asks the user to enter a password length, with a default of 64 characters. This generates part of a password that is placed on the computer clipboard for easy copying and pasting into an e-mail to an associate, who can then click on the receive option, which generates the second half of the shared password for use. The password is then saved, ensuring the joint passwords match. The passwords appear to be secure in that they contain letters, numbers, and special characters.

For those looking to generate secure passwords that can be shared with others electronically, Password Pair for Mac functions well and won't disappoint.

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