Review: My Library for Mac takes the less-is-more approach to book cataloging

Keep a catalog of the books you own and track what you've read with My Library for Mac.

My Library for Mac takes the less-is-more approach, enabling the easy creation of a very basic catalog of the books you own.

The app greeted us with a very clean and intuitive interface. The top half of the window includes a basic grid, displaying fields for the Title, Author, and Medium of the books contained in the library. Beneath this grid are the fields where data can be entered. There is no ability to retrieve data online; though with this app it doesn't feel necessary. We could even dictate this information by navigating to a field and hitting the dictation hot key. Once a book is added to the list, we were able to check off whether or not we'd read it. The app also makes it possible to export all the titles to a plain text file, which then serves as a backup. If any titles are ever accidentally deleted, or if you lose all your data, opening the text file in the app repopulates it with all the books stored in the text file. Additionally, the user is able to perform a quick search within the app based on a search string, sort titles and authors, and take a screenshot of their library. When we took the screenshot, the program automatically created a folder on our desktop and stored it there.

You can't add any other information, such as ISBN or publisher, or insert any notes, so serious hobbyists or collectors will probably want more; but those looking for ease might like the streamlined approach of My Library for Mac.

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