Review: Multi Skype Launcher for Mac makes using multiple Skype accounts easy

Log into Skype with your business and personal accounts at the same time with Multi Skype Launcher for Mac.

Multi Skype Launcher for Mac makes it possible to launch multiple instances of Skype simultaneously. Even though how it works remains a mystery, this application performs as expected.

Multi Skype Launcher for Mac doesn't include any installation procedure, but an easy download of the file to a desired location is all that is necessary. When we clicked on the launcher's icon, Skype launched and logged us in to our default Skype account. From there, it was not entirely clear how we should proceed. Because running the app simply launches Skype, there's no Help file available that we could find for the launcher. We guessed, and double-clicked on the application again. This did the trick as another instance of Skype launched, though log-in was not automatic this time. We typed in our alternate account and logged in successfully. From there, we were able to add our other account as a contact, switch windows, and then accept the contact request. We then called ourselves, which worked out surprisingly well, and we had simultaneous chat windows running side by side, with both parts of the conversation visible.

Multi Skype Launcher for Mac offers an excellent solution for those people who have multiple Skype accounts set up for different purposes, and want to have more than one of their accounts available for chat at any time. If you like to keep your business Skype account separate from the one you use to chat with your friends or family, this application is perfect for you.

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