Review: CollageFactory Express for Mac creates photo layouts for e-greeting cards

Display photos and create unique and personal photo collages with CollageFactory Express for Mac.

As a basic application for creating photo displays quickly, CollageFactory Express for Mac performs well and includes a number of useful templates. The application's menus are easy to navigate and its features are well-labeled for ease of use.

The main menu first allows the user to select the layout of the collage from a number of templates. These are divided into categories that include nearly all of the major events and holidays. After selecting a layout, CollageFactory Express for Mac goes to a second menu, with a left sidebar for selecting photographs. Users can import a large number of photos they can use for their masterpiece. With the template in the center window, photos can be clicked and dragged into it for display and arrangement. The right side menu includes additional options, which can change the photo layout, spacing, and number of columns. Along the bottom of the window, the photos can be modified as they appear in the display, which is useful when only a portion of the full image is to be used. Once completed, users can upload or e-mail the collages.

CollageFactory Express for Mac contains a number of useful features and templates but keeps things simple. It is recommended for any user who wants an easy way to arrange their pictures in albums or create keepsakes for friends and family.

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