Review: BackTrack Safari Extension for Mac enables quick reverse image searches

Locate every instance of an image that exists on the Web with BackTrack Safari Extension for Mac.

BackTrack Safari Extension for Mac successfully integrates reverse image searching into Safari, enabling you to locate any image on the Web just by right-clicking it.

This extension installs like any other Safari Extension. Once installed, we noticed a new button on the left of the address bar. Hovering the mouse over the button showed a pop-up dialog announcing you can send the page to TinEye for backtracking. Clicking this button brought us to, the reverse image search engine, and the page was loaded with pictures from the previous site. From there, we were able to select which image to search. TinEye then generated a list of links to all other sites that had the same image. We could also search for any single image, using TinEye or Google, by right-clicking it and selecting the appropriate item from the context menu. BackTrack Safari Extension for Mac can be configured in Safari's Preferences to add three other reverse image search engines: KarmaDecay for Reddit searches, and two other Anime and Manga-specific search sites. We could also search for one image on multiple sites at the same time by configuring this in Preferences. This adds a multisite search option to the context menu, and a new tab opens for each search performed.

BackTrack Safari Extension for Mac helps greatly if you're trying to find a higher resolution version of a particular image. This extension is also recommended to image owners who are trying to find unauthorized use of their work.

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