Review: Yahoo Axis Extension for Safari gives Web searching a makeover

Search in real time, see previews of the results, and take your browsing with you anywhere using Yahoo Axis Extension for Safari for Mac.

As a browser plug-in, Yahoo Axis Extension for Safari for Mac extends the reach of its mobile browsing app for iOS. The app lets you search in real time while displaying previews of the results, sync Web pages you visit or bookmark in your browser on different devices, and keep track of the pages you visited while on the go.

While Yahoo Axis Extension for Safari for Mac installs easily -- just download and launch the file, which adds the extension -- getting started took some figuring out. There is no user guidance provided with the extension, nor was there even any feedback or initial visual clue as to where to access the extension. Eventually, we decided to exit and restart Safari, which did the trick, and we found a small search bar sat at the bottom of Safari. Clicking in the search field expands the extension halfway up, on top of your current page without ever leaving the page, which is a nice touch. As soon as we typed in our first search, real-time results, often with image previews, were displayed across the page. This application also implements a few cloud-based features. We bookmarked a page via the extension, instead of in Safari, and it was available from our iPhone. We also liked the "Continue from Device" feature, which makes it possible to pick up in Safari where we left off on our iPhone. This function does not work the other way around, however, which limits the feature's usefulness.

Yahoo Axis Extension for Safari for Mac gives fast, accurate search results, and is an improvement in the search engine user experience. iPhone and iPad users who switch between devices frequently will enjoy this app's features.

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