Review: WiFi Manager displays more details about available Wi-Fi networks

Find and connect to open Wi-Fi signals and switch between your favorite networks using WiFi Manager.

WiFi Manager adds more details to the traditional Wi-Fi list and lets you manage and switch between networks very easily. Even though fully functional, this app's layout looks a bit out of place on more recent versions of Android. However, if you're stuck on Gingerbread or earlier, you might find something to like about this app.

This app lets you view and connect to open Wi-Fi signals that are around you. You can see what channel the network is on, whether or not it's protected, and how good the signal is. The problem is that you can already do that with the most popular versions of Android. Plus, the built-in utility looks so much better than WiFi Manager's rather basic and unattractive layout. This app does let you view the available signals in several different charts, graphs, etc. You can even make it show or exclude a signal based on whether it uses a 2.4 GHz channel or a 5.0 GHz channel.

As Android has updated, it has killed many of the marquee features of this app. If you're really into the nuts and bolts of a Wi-Fi network or you're stuck on an early version of Android, you might appreciate the extra details WiFi Manager offers.

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