Review: Smart SWF Player plays Flash files on Android

Play downloaded and streaming Flash files on your Android gadget using Smart SWF Player.

Smart SWF Player solves the problem of playing Flash files on Android, but doesn't do it better than a Flash browser. Its layout is just too clunky and it doesn't play them as smoothly as other options on Android.

This download automatically kicks in if it detects a downloaded Flash file or a site running Flash. It takes a little while to load once it finds the file, though. The app doesn't offer any advanced features. Plus, it forces you to use the root file browsing system if you want to find your Flash files. Smart SWF Player's unappealing layout looks like it was made to exist in Android 2.3, which is ironic since Adobe Flash still works in older versions of Android. The app's About menu says 2011, which is a long time ago technology-wise, and makes sense considering how dated Smart SWF Player looks.

This app looks like it was hastily put together to solve the problem of no Flash in Android 4.0 and higher. While it does handle Flash files, there are better options out there. To be able to compete, this app needs to overhaul its design and improve load times.

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