Review: Remote Desktop lets you access files on your Android remotely

Access and manage your Android's files and documents remotely from a PC with the help of Remote Desktop.

Remote Desktop lets you manage your phone from your computer, but it takes forever to set up. Sometimes, the setup process doesn't even work. Since the app isn't as useful or feature-packed as competitors like AirDroid, it gives you little incentive to bother wrestling with it.

In order to make this app work, you need to connect to a special Web address and then enter a code. There's no way to scan a QR code or anything to get to the Web page more quickly. That's a bummer, because the URLs handed out by the app only worked about 15 percent of the time during testing. Another limitation is that the app only supports Firefox and Chrome. If you're able to get into the app, it will set up a stable remote connection. You can side-load apps, manage your texts and even place calls from your computer. Remote Desktop's layout seems to be a hybrid of typical Android and typical Windows. It could be a little easier on the eyes, but it proved easy enough to use once you access it.

When the app works, it gives you some neat features and a fairly secure connection; but in our tests, that wasn't often enough to secure our recommendation. It doesn't hurt to give Remote Desktop a shot, but don't expect much.

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