Review: MultiLing Keyboard comes with lots of plug-ins

Get multiple languages on one cool keyboard with a MultiLing Keyboard app for Android devices.

MultiLing Keyboard includes great language support, but it barely offers anything useful when you first download it. You need to download plug-in after plug-in just to get the languages you want. However, the app is a real treat for polyglots, since it supports languages you just can't find anywhere else.

Since the app doesn't connect to the Web, you won't get that scary "This app may steal your data" message when you set it up. That makes Android's setup process so much easier. The keyboard's layout is fairly standard, but it has some sleek black and blue colors that look nifty. Sadly, the app doesn't have any extra features like Swype to make your typing easier. There is a second keyboard app you can download that adds that, though. As for MultiLing Keyboard, its auto-complete isn't very useful, but you can download a plug-in to make it better. The app only supports four languages out of the box, which is less than what most regular texting apps have. The app comes with at least 100 different plug-ins to add more languages, but we would have preferred more options on the front end.

If you speak an obscure language and can't find the right keyboard for it, than MultiLing Keyboard will make you seriously happy. However, if you just want a keyboard to practice with a popular language, stick with Android's default keyboard. It supports more of the major languages than this app does without extra downloads.

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