Review: Google Drive is sleek, fast, and useful if you already use Google storage

Store your documents in Google's cloud using 5GB of free storage.

Google Drive offers quick storage and a really attractive layout. However, it's not worth getting too excited over as it just doesn't offer any landmark features if you're not already tethered to Google's ecosystem. If you just want some extra cloud storage, it's a no-brainer. However, if you're looking for one place to keep your data, this one might not be for you.

This app gives you 5GB of cloud storage to hold your files. If you want more, then you have to pay up; there's no way to unlock more by sharing or doing certain tasks a la Dropbox. Google Drive syncs in plenty of cool ways with Gmail, Calendar, and other Google apps you probably use every day. However, it only works as a file viewer and uploader. You can't make edits to any of your documents from inside the app. It will display your files as PDFs if you need to read them, though. The only thing you can actually do with your documents other than read them is pin them so you can use them offline. That's helpful if you're in a place where Internet is spotty.

The app rests most of its strengths on the service, itself. That means this app is the one you need if you already use Google's cloud to store your files. However, if you're looking for a great cloud storage app, Google Drive app doesn't have enough going for it to wow you. Still, 5GB of storage is nice to have, even if you already use another cloud storage service.

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