Review: PicPick Portable is a screenshot & image capture utility and image editor

Use PicPick Portable for all your variable screenshot needs without worrying about owning Photoshop to edit.

PicPick Portable captures images and screenshots, but is also an excellent image editor. Not only is this a versatile program, but it is also a small and intuitive program. There is virtually no learning curve when using this app's features.

Most programs for screen capturing assume that the user will capture a large rectangular chunk and then crop it in an editing program to the desired portion. While this is a good assumption, it is not always practical for the person taking the screenshots. PicPick Portable fixes this difficulty by allowing the user to take various types of screenshots such as full screen, active window, scrolling window, and others, and by also being an image editor so that the user doesn't have to import their capture into another program. The image editor includes basic functions such as cropping, paint, fill, erase, shapes, text, and color swapping. But it also includes a few special effects such as inversion, grayscaling, pixelating, and framing. There are also color balance and correction features available, as well as cropping.

PicPick Portable is a fully-featured program that is not only easy to use, but also is completely free. Both novice and advanced users will enjoy using this program.

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