Review: Clean up your iOS device and gain more storage space using PhoneClean

Scan and clean your iPad, iPhone, or iPod in three easy steps, using intuitive and fast PhoneClean.

PhoneClean helps you gain more storage space on you iPhone, iPad, or iPod by cleaning unnecessary hidden files that have piled up. The application is elegant, light, easy to use, and shows excellent performance.

After a smooth and fast installation, the program lets you free up junk on your iOS device in three easy steps. The first step is to connect the device, the second is to scan it, and the third is a quick clean up. The interface is professionally designed and easy to use. All you have to do is connect your device and PhoneClean will show you how much space has been used on your device and how much can be saved. There are four groups of files that are automatically checked: temp and junk, cache and offline, cookie and script, and sync-failed media files. You can let the program scan for all four or just check the options you prefer. Clicking on a big blue button will start the scan. During our tests scanning took less than a minute on both our iPad and iPhone, and we were able to see how many files the program found, total size of those files, and details. With a click on another big blue button we could easily start the quick cleanup, too.

PhoneClean offers fast performance, an intuitive interface, and overall, great results. This application will be an excellent solution for users who need to rid their iOS device of unnecessary files and piled-up junk.

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