Review: Use Maymeal PicEdit for almost all of your photo editing needs

Add interesting effects and touch-ups to your photos and images with Maymeal PicEdit.

Portable and highly functional, Maymeal PicEdit combines some of the high-end features of expensive image editing software with the speed of a small, free program.

As a portable program, Maymeal PicEdit performs its functions on the go. It quickly pulls images into the program and they are instantly ready for editing. One of the nice features is the "Restore" button, which restores the original image, even after extensive editing has taken place. The user can also step backwards to eliminate some, but not all, of the editing. The initial palette includes a variety of immediate variations for fast touch-ups. Under the Basic tab, the program shows images with more or less light, grayscale, monochrome, sharpened or blurred, and other variations. Stylized options include lomo and vignette, along with manual options that include mosaic, colorize, highlighting, and coloring. The manual options enable the user to modify only a particular portion of the picture, whereas the quick choices modify the entire image. In addition, there is also a "Scene" option, which modifies the image similar to what some camera filters will do: sunspots, snow, stars, droplets, and hearts, etc. It also comes with options to frame pictures in many different ways. The user can draw on the photo and add shapes and text as well as access some basic photo editing tools such as red-eye correction, rotation, cropping, and watermarking. While Help files are non-existent, sending an e-mail to the author results in a personal answer to any questions.

Maymeal PicEdit offers a useful set of functional image editing tools for both novice and more advanced users and photographers.

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