Review: Dexpot Portable separates your applications into separate virtual spaces

Use Dexpot Portable to quickly switch from your personal space to your workspace.

As a versatile virtual desktop generator, Dexpot Portable helps the user separate work from personal applications. While the download is easy and no installation is needed, setting up the program is rather arduous at first.

Dexpot Portable impresses with its wide array of flexible controls. This program allows you to initiate up to 20 virtual desktops. For computers with multiple users, this can help separate one user from the other without needing to go through the bother of switching between users. For a single user, this can help separate any personal work you are doing from business applications. A quick hot key combination of Alt and window number switches to that particular window. The only problem with this freely available program is that until you try a few things, you are unaware of how to use the program since it silently sits in the application tray. Right-clicking the program will pop up a menu that allows you to choose a variety of options and controls. There are also various plug-ins that can be installed as needed. For example, a grid view of all of the desktops is available, a slideshow that transitions from desktop to desktop at a predetermined time, and a wallpaper clock that allows the user to show a unique time on each desktop are a few of the available additions. Transition from desktop to desktop is as smooth as switching from window to window. Applications work seamlessly in each desktop instance and do not seem to affect the overall performance of the computer.

Once you get past the initial problem of determining how to control the program, Dexpot Portable is very easy and intuitive to use. A novice may be initially confused, but will learn the ins and outs of the program quickly. Advanced users will love the speed and ease with which they can use different desktops and will also enjoy the ability to separate work and pleasure.

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