Review: CopyTrans TuneTastic easily corrects any iTunes library problems

Find duplicates, missing tracks, and albums containing orphan tracks in your iTunes library with CopyTrans TuneTastic.

CopyTrans TuneTastic scans your iTunes library and finds duplicates, orphan tracks, and missing tracks. While the program also claims to look for albums without artwork, this option wasn't available in our tests.

The download took less than a minute since CopyTrans TuneTastic is only 6MB in size. There's no installation needed since this is a portable application. Upon startup the user can choose to click on the links to the user guide page, short YouTube video guide, or FAQ page. The links for user guide and FAQ actually lead to the same Web page. To use this app, the user needs to have iTunes installed but not running. After clicking on a large "Start" button, two large icons are displayed: "Automatic" and "Toolbox." After clicking on the "Automatic" icon, the program starts scanning the user's iTunes library and looks for albums with missing tracks, albums containing orphan tracks, and albums containing duplicate tracks. There is also an option for scanning albums without artwork, but it doesn't seem to be available yet. While the interface is quite basic and not much to look at, the program is light and performs well.

While functional, CopyTrans TuneTastic doesn't seem to be a complete program since it's still in beta and there are some functions not yet available. However, for users with a large iTunes library who need to locate duplicate files, missing tracks, or albums with orphan tracks, this basic beta edition might do the trick.

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